Homemade Ricotta Recipe

Homemade Ricotta Recipe
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Homemade Ricotta Recipe… There are so many gorgeous recipes using ricotta that I have decided to make my own for the first time.

Here are a few tips when making your ricotta…

Tip 1: You can make ricotta using just milk but the more cream you add the creamier it will be. You can get it to a consistency of mascarpone cheese if you add enough cream.

Tip 2: There really isn’t a need to use a thermometer, you can go by sight. When it starts to foam at the top then it’s ready to add the vinegar.

Tip 3: The longer you let the whey drain from the curds the firmer and drier the ricotta will be.

Tip 4: If you are using this ricotta for a dessert then omit the salt

Tip 5: Enjoy the process… it’s such a joy to do something that has been done for an eternity – a very simple pleasure

Cheers,  Blondie!

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