Tuna Casserole Pots

Tuna Casserole Mornay
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Tuna Casserole or as it’s more commonly referred to here in Australia, Tuna Mornay, was a classic 70′s dish that most mums would have had as a routine family meal.

It’s funny though, looking through other tuna mornay recipes, not many use boiled eggs and I didn’t find one with capers or dill, but both my mum and my mother in law used these ingredients in their own tuna mornay recipes – maybe it was a recipe only shared amongst the army wives, their own secret recipe that no civilian would know about… till now that is.

This is truly an enjoyable dish and a version I’m sure you will adapt to your own tuna mornay recipe.

Spoon lickingly good!  Blondie  :)

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