Yep! The legal bit…we strongly urge you to read this in its entirety and ensure that you understand;

– the ins and outs of wild mushroom picking

– what our our products are, how they are sourced and

– what you can expect from our tours.

Terms & Conditions, Store Policy and Tours Information


1. FinSki’s (ABN 70 253 925 970) means “Katriina and or Izabella” or “Blondie and or Bella”  or  ”us, we and or our”.

2. This website is produced and co-owned by “us”.

3. The views expressed here are our own based on our research, history and experience.

4. ”Customer” means you and all other persons who purchase the products under your Login, and, as the context requires, includes any person browsing the FinSki’s Food Store Online Shopping who is not registered to use FinSki’s Food Store Online Shopping.

5. FinSki’s is not registered for GST purposes and we not charge GST on our products.

6. We have over 30 years of experience in picking Saffron Milk Caps (Lactarius deliciosus) and Slippery Jack (Suillus leteus) mushrooms. We only ever pick these two mushrooms and are not interested in any other wild species.

We strongly advise anyone against wild mushroom picking unless you are with someone who has prior knowledge and experience within this area.

Remember, if in doubt, go without.


1. All content included on this website and or blog, such as written text, photo’s, graphics, logos, images and audio clips (except in the event of linking to external sites), is the property of FinSki’s.

2. This content may not be reproduced under any circumstances without written permission first.

3. Recipes are our own, unless otherwise referenced.


1. Our mushrooms are individually hand-picked and sourced wild from the central tablelands in New South Wales and whilst every care is taken to ensure that the mushrooms are cleaned, you may find foreign matter in the fresh product. Please clean carefully and ensure that you follow cooking instructions.

2. We adhere to the NSW Food Safety Standards and Procedures and we are compliant in Work Place Hygiene Procedures by holding a current Statement of Attainment from the Hospitality Institute of Australasia.

3. All our Saffron Milk Caps and Slippery Jacks are dried in a commercial dehydrater. Dried mushrooms are sealed for freshness.

4. We recommend that you use the dried mushrooms within 12 months of purchase. Mushrooms which have been opened should be stored in an air tight container and consumed within 6 months.

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