Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones



1 packet mini ice cream cones – I purchased mine from Thomas Dux

dark cooking chocolate – about half a block

soft vanilla ice cream – or any other flavour you like!

cake decorative sprinkles


hundreds and thousands


Melt the dark chocolate over a water bath and take off the heat.

Using a small paint brush paint the inside of the ice cream cone with chocolate and allow to set in the freezer – about 2 min. This will ensure that your ice cream does not leak through the cone when it is out of the freezer.

Finding Feasts -Xmas-Tree-2

Using a small spoon or paddle pop stick fill the cone with as much vanilla ice cream as possible. Insert the paddle pop stick into the middle of the ice cream filled cone and pop pack into the freezer to fully set. Mine took about 15 min.

Coat the cone with melted dark chocolate and decorate with sprinkles or hundred and thousands. Pop back into the freezer to set.

Lastly pop a marshmallow on the end of the paddle pop stick, dip into the melted chocolate and coat with more hundreds and thousands.

Finding Feasts -Xmas-Tree-3


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