Pickled Green Tomatoes

FinSki's_PIckled Toms Plants
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What’s would you make with green tomatoes?

For me it has to be pickled green tomatoes, just perfect with some sourdough bread, a strong cheese and your favourite glass of wine!

The photo you are looking at is of my neighbour’s (Denise) backyard fence which faces onto our carport entry.

Beginning of spring she planted a couple of grape tomato trees and they have GONE WILD! They are the most amazing looking plants which could almost have a starring role in a movie like ‘the attack of the killer tomato trees’ and to my luck they have decided to jump over the fence and grow on my side but hey not that I am complaining! I have already informed Denise that what is on my side is fair game so with bowl and scissors in hand off I went to pick these gorgeous little green plump babies.

FinSki's_Pickled Toms on Vine Shot About 20 years ago mum made a gorgeous green tomato pickle from her home grown tomatoes and I always promised myself that one day I would add this to my cooking repertoire so that one day was two weeks ago! I currently have them sitting in my fridge, developing their pickled flavour, ready for Christmas nibbles and drinks!

A huge thank you should go to Denise as well for allowing her green babies to grown on my side and for sharing them with me! Smile

PIckled Green Tomatos
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