Omenakakku – Mini Finnish Apple Cakes

Omenakakku - Mini Finnish Apple Cakes
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Omenakakku – Mini Finnish Apple Cakes – Last weekend I found a bag of mixed apples in the fridge. Like a blank canvas the ideas started flowing. Maybe a crumble, crepes or a pie, I just couldn’t decide. Asking around I got strudel, apple sandwiches and crumble again. So many choices! Finally I decided to go back to my roots and whip up a Finnish Apple Cake.

The Finnish version doesn’t seem to be too different to a standard cake, maybe apart from the sour cream, but it certainly is a delicious treat and this particular recipe is now next to my Pulla recipe for sweet treat recipes to have on hand.

Overall, this isn’t an overly sweet dessert and the texture is soft, moist and dense without being too heavy.

Nauttia! Blondie
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