Oil Free, Skin Free ‘Fried Chicken’

Oil Free, Skin Free ‘Fried Chicken’
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Yep, that’s right! Oil Free, Skin Free ‘Fried Chicken’ drumsticks – These are soooo good that you seriously can’t believe it till you actually make them yourselves.

This is a recipe adopted from The Food Truck with Chef Michael van de Elzen. Hubby and I love this show (this is the only cooking show he enjoys). Every meal Chef Michael Van Elzen converts to a healthier version of stock standard fast food is just so mouth wateringly good – I literally drooled over the burger episode.

This chicken has a covering that is crispy and oh so tasty, the meat is succulent and flavourful (be sure to buy ‘happy’ chicken) and all the family will adore it. It is just as good eaten cold the next day, so make a batch for your next picnic.

Truly finger lickin’ good!  Blondie

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