Mushroom Foraging in Oberon w/ Lyndey Milan

In March 2013, FinSki’s was asked to do a segment on Lyndey Milan’s new tv show, Lyndey Milan’s Taste of Australia… how amazing is that?? Needless to say, we dropped everything and took Lyndey to our favourite mushrooming spot in Oberon. Here is our behind the scenes…

Here we are with the lovely Lyndey Milan FinSki's with Lyndey Milan

Love the line up of cars in such a secluded location FinSkis with Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia

Let shooting begin, Bella and Lyndey discussing mushrooms FinSkis with Taste of Australia

Imogen and Seb occupying time digging up crystals FinSkis with Lyndey Milan

Driving through the pine forest Filming Mushroom foraging NSW

Lyndey Milan and Bella FinSkis - Filming with Lyndey Milan

Just look at all those mushrooms poking through the pine needles FinSkis filming with Lyndey Milan for Taste Of Australia

Up close and personal  FinSkis with Lyndey Milan for Taste of Australia

A slippery jack mushroom FinSkis - Slippery Jack Mushroom

The kids FinSkis filming with Lyney Milan

Mushrooms can appear anywhere FinSkis - Saffron Milk Cap Mushroom

What do a couple of mushroom foragers have for breakfast after such an exciting day? Pan-fried saffron milk cap mushrooms with bacon and scrambled eggs. FinSkis breakfast

The back of our mushrooming ute FinSkis working ute

Lyndey Milan’s Taste of Australia will be showing on 7TWO mid March 2014 and on the Lifestyle FOOD Channel… If you are flying Qantas internationally or interstate you get to see our mushrooming segment before anyone else!


Blondie and Bella  xxx

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