Honey King Prawns

Finding Feasts - Honey King Prawns

Chinese food is a weakness of mine. Hubby and I use to love ordering massive amounts of food from my favourite Chinese restaurant up the road and then spend the night gorging ourselves – Honey king prawns, Mongolian lamb, Peking duck, Beef in black bean sauce, mixed entrees and rice. It certainly wasn’t all eaten in one sitting but also enjoyed over the next couple of days. Chinese food, for me, has always meant that you would sit yourself down in front of a banquet of food and enjoy the slow procession of tasting each and every dish, just one of the reasons why I love Yum Cha so much. As ‘street’ as Yum Cha is, it still has a decadence that’s very appealing.

Yesterday though, I suddenly realised that I should try making some of these dishes myself. I chose Honey king Prawns and Mongolian Lamb to be my first dishes. Both turned out to be so much better than my favourite restaurant’s equivalents that I will forever now be making them myself. The Mongolian Lamb was outstanding but was all eaten so I don’t have a photo to put up yet, will blog about it shortly. The Honey King Prawns were perfect. Lightly battered and a simple honey sauce drizzled over the top.

Finding Feasts - Honey King Prawns

Chinese food is very quick, so quick in fact that you really can produce your own banquet of food without feeling exhausted at the end of it.

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