Crispy Skin Salt & Pepper Roast Chicken

Finding Feasts - Salt and Pepper Roast Chicken
Click image for the best roast chicken recipe ever.

Roast chickens are one of the most delicious and easy to make meals there are. I will generally make one on a Friday or Saturday so the family has cold chicken meat to eat with sandwiches if I’m out on a job on that weekend.

This recipe is called Crispy Skin Salt & Pepper Roast Chicken for a reason so don’t be scared by the amount of salt in this recipe as the end result is not salty. What you will be left with is crispy skin brimming with flavour and juice that can be used on it’s own, drizzled over the sliced chicken or made into a gravy.

In regards to style of cooking, this is not a ‘leave and forget’ recipe, this is a hands on, cook while your preparing the vegetables or salad for your dinner type recipe. You will be turning it over several times during it’s cooking process so in essence it’s a rotisserie style but in your oven.

Lip smacking goodness – Blondie 🙂

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