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  1. Hello!!
    My partner and I collected 3kg of saffron milk caps in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria today and are looking forward to making a variation on your mushroom ketchup.

    Whilst searching for recipes, I came across a FinSkis link on a few Pinterest boards ( about smoking saffron milk caps.
    Just found out in your ‘About Us’ that this was your old site. Has the smoking blog migrated to your new website? We are also pretty keen on smoking so would love to hear about your experience!!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Well done on such a great haul! We are still struggling with the warm dry weather here in NSW, hence barely any mushrooms 🙁
      We are still in the process of getting all our recipes onto our new site, so I will make the smoked Saffron Milk Caps a priority. In short though, It’s basically the same as this Hot Smoked Salmon recipe But I used wood chips that were soaked for an hour prior to smoking instead of the sawdust as this would burn off far too quickly. Pop into your local BBQ shop and you will see an amazing array of different flavoured wood chips. Would love to hear how you guys went 🙂

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