Christmas Brandy Cherries

Finding Feasts - Brandy Cherries
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Like Blondie I too love Christmas. I love the lights, the songs, the decorations and the FOOD!

Growing up, like most kids, Christmas for me was all about the presents. Which kid in their right mind would say that it’s about anything else but that? Miss H starts making making her Santa wish list as soon as Halloween is done and dusted.

Christmas for me as an adult is all about the food and plenty of it, and maybe the odd occasional glass of wine or champagne…OK a lot actually! The present side of things frustrates me. Everyone seems to get flustered about the perfect. You hear so many stories of gifts being re-packaged or shoved in the bottom of the draw, never to see daylight again. I too have been guilty of this!

Last year I decided to experiment a little and have a go at making my own edible gifts!

Kicking off gift No. 1 idea are these Brandy Cherries.

The cherry season is in full swing and depending on where you shop you can pick them up for about $15 per kilo.

Just in time for summer desserts and Christmas cocktails!


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