Mushroom sausage rolls

Finding Feasts Mushroom Sausage Rolls
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Mushroom sausage rolls – Growing up I was one of those kids that was discouraged from eating canteen food at primary school by my parents. We very rarely went out to restaurants and we most certainly didn’t buy take away food. Mum cooked every night. My parents were of the opinion that if food was ‘fast’ that it had little nutritional value for me plus why spend money on food when you can cook twice as much yourself.

They could not understand why a kid would sacrifice fresh, home made sandwiches on rye bread for soggy school sausage rolls and meat pies. Dad always reminded me of how bad they were for us and that they contained all the ‘off cuts’ from the worst bits of meat. I kept on arguing and arguing with dad only to learn with time, how right he was!

These sausage rolls are the complete opposite. There are no dodgy off cuts, just good quality meat, veggies and herbs and my hand picked wild mushrooms!

What is your go-to fast food?


Sweet Dill Pickled Pine Mushrooms

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Sweet Dill Pickled Pine Mushrooms… What better way to store your freshly foraged wild mushrooms for a long time than pickling them?

I love a sweet pickle, always have, so I naturally gravitate to this pickling liquid but there are plenty of methods of pickling and flavour combinations that you will develop your very own favourite pickling brine in no time.

Enjoy! Blondie 🙂

Sweet Potato Toast w/ Mushroom & Brown Mustard Seed Omelette

Finding Feasts - Mushroom Omelette w Sweet Potato Toast
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Sweet Potato Toast w/ Mushroom & Brown Mustard Seed Omelette – Is a breakfast to take you through the day. Absolutely perfect for a long day at Disnelyland, as I was discussing in an earlier post.

The hottest food trend to sweep the internet at the moment is sweet potato toasts. Who knew? You take a thinly sliced slab of sweet potato, brush with a bit of oil and pop in the toaster. If you have a crumpet setting on your toaster then that will work perfectly, other wise popping it down a couple of times is just as good.

Cooking the sweet potato to al dente means it’s an ideal plate for poached eggs, omelettes, sautéed vegetables etc.

Start healthy… Blondie

Poached Eggs & Mushrooms w/ Chorizo & Feta

Poached Eggs & Mushrooms w/ Chorizo & Feta
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Poached Eggs & Mushrooms w/ Chorizo & Feta – This is such a lovely meal, and you could easily have it as a main for dinner but it works really well as a weekend brunch.

This recipe shows you the fool proof way of poaching eggs using the cling film technique. Everyone knows you need fresh eggs to do the ‘free fall’ poach, so having this method under your belt means a poached egg is only ever 3 minutes away, no matter your egg. It’s also great for beginner poachers.

Grab some friends and enjoy!… Blondie

Chicken Eggplant & Mushroom Pie

Chicken Eggplant & Mushroom Pie
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Chicken Eggplant & Mushroom Pie – I am a huge fan of having multiple, ready made meals in the freezer for when it really is just too much of an effort to think about the family dinner. So this recipe is made using leftover chicken; you could buy a bbq chook or some breasts or thighs to poach yourself.

After picking up a couple of chickens to make a yummy chicken stock, and being a lover of all things pastry, a pie was the natural metamorphosis for the poached chicken meat. I made 8 mini pies and a large family one, and still had some white sauce leftover to make some Tuna Mornay. It’s amazing how many meals you can cheaply produce with just a few basic ingredients.

When I make White Sauce I always make a big batch of it as it really is so useful to have on hand. PLUS, it freezes exceptionally well! Just portion it into batches of convenient sizes and you will always have that special extra element on hand.Just some of the ways you can use White Sauce is … Tuna Mornay, Macaroni Cheese, Soufflé, as a pie binder – like for this recipe and Bechamel Sauce.

My latest addiction is doing a double layer of puff pastry to really get some lovely, flaky height to my pies. If this is something you would like to do too then make sure you have enough pastry… I promise you it is so worth it!

The mini pies are the perfect size for lunch. Just make up a nice salad and a zingy Balsamic Dressing to have on the side.

Lunch and dinner sorted… Blondie

Curried Vegetable Pie – Family Sized

Curried Vegetable Pie - Family Sized
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This Family Sized Curried Vegetable Pie is jam packed full of vegetables that are only limited by what’s in your fridge at the time. Throw it all in!

I highly suggest going the extra step and blind baking a base for your pie. I’m still of the old school method in that a pie needs a base otherwise it’s just a stew with a lid. That is unless it’s a fish pie, in which case you can make the most spectacular puff pastry, lid only, pie possible. Cracking through the ridiculously high pastry top to reach the delicate fish and velouté centre, leaving shards of crispy, whisper thin pastry strewn across the table is quite possibly one of the food world’s greatest offerings … but I digress…

When making this pie, be sure to make a wide hole in the centre. This particular one closed up on it’s self leaving the filling a little wet but if vented, this pie is absolutely perfect.

Happy pie making – Blondie

Flaky, Cheesy Mushroom Puffs

Flaky, Cheesy Mushroom Puffs
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Flaky, Cheesy Mushroom Puffs are perfect little mouthfuls of flaky pastry and creamy, savoury mushroom filling.

Although these were one of numerous canapés made specifically for my nana’s 90th Birthday party a couple of months ago; I will happily make finger food to freeze and serve with a glass of wine on the weekend or to reheat with a salad for lunch during the weekday.

These little morsels are sensational with their crispiness, creaminess and umami mushroom hit and most importantly can be eaten with one hand while you mingle and sip your way through the party.

When planning party food or canapés to serve to your guests, aim on having  about 8 per person. A mix of hot and cold foods that can be prepared ahead of time and simply assembled on the day.

These can be made and then frozen. When ready, place in a 200°c / 400°f oven and cook till golden and puffed.

Happy partying! Blondie