Burmese Beef Cheek Curry by Chef Pete Evans

Finding Feasts - Burmese-Beef-Cheek-Curry
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When Chef Pete Evans new cook book ‘Healthy Everyday’ landed on my lap a few weeks ago I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t wait to leave the office, get home and read it cover to cover. This book is fantastic and it’s no wonder that as of two weeks ago it was officially the No.1 book in Australia! There are 120 recipes and I will be test driving all of them!

With Imogen away at nan and pops house and a rainy weekend on the door step there was nothing else to do but get in the kitchen and cook up a storm!

Choosing my first recipe was dead easy! I picked up some beef cheeks from my local butcher the week before so Burmese beef cheek curry it was. The recipe is a small labour of love so I wouldn’t recommend attempting this on a week night after work. Whilst I was very tempted to take a short cut and pop the beef cheek curry into the pressure cooker I am proud to say that stuck to the recipe and 3 hours later I had gelatinous, melt in the mouth, slow cooked goodness that sent me to heaven and back! There is definitely something very satisfying about eating slow cooked food on a miserable autumn night and as hubby and I settled in to watch our Vikings marathon, the sweet smell of the Burmese beef cheek curry permeated throughout the house for the rest of the night.

Special message of thanks:

This post is dedicated to my good friends at Macmillan Publishers, in particular Siv Toigo who has been kind enough to feed my cook book collecting habit over the past year, and to my boss, Mario Isaias, who has been lugging the books back to our office on each occasion – thank you to the both of you!

Finding Feasts - Burmese-Beef-Cheek-Curry2

Happiness is…Healthy Every Day!

Finding Feasts - Burmese-Beef-Cheek-Curry

Ps…yup…that’s me…in bed with Peter Evans! LOL!

Bella 🙂

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