Beef and Mushroom Cottage Pie

Beef and Mushroom Cottage Pie
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Beef and Mushroom Cottage Pie… What’s more warming on a cool winter’s evening than a pie, and not just any pie, a cottage pie… The beautiful full flavours of the meat and mushroom mixture blanketed with a thick layer of soft, fluffy mashed potatoes. This is the meal that you make a big batch of so you can freeze the leftovers in easy single meal versions and can just pull out of the freezer when you need an embracing food hug.

If you can, try to get organic, pasture fed beef. The difference in flavour is outstanding and when you are cooking something as homely as cottage pie, the flavours of each component are particularly important – that, and it’s nice to use meat from happy animals. The beef I have chosen for this pie is from Greenhill Farm and if you are lucky enough to live in Sydney or Canberra you can place your orders for pick up.

bellissimo! Blondie  🙂

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